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Updated: Oct 15, 2018

New Beginnings

The word hemp was becoming increasingly heard, but seemed as if nobody really had the full story. The letters CBD were seen more frequently, like gas station frequently. We had the gist of what CBD was, like it came from hemp and was supposed to make you just feel better. As with any mystique or unknown, we yearn to know more. Why did CBD products just seem to pop up one day? How were people growing hemp? Was this legal in the U.S. or is it imported goods? The questions surged to great heights and they haven't slowed down much since. New advancements in every aspect of cannabis emerge every day; whether it's growing techniques, consumer demands, products, harvesting equipment, retail shops, ancillary businesses, etc.

Our plan at Hoppy Goat Hemp Co. is primarily to grow high CBD varieties of hemp, but to also do our best to be receptive and ever evolving; to be better people, stewards, farmers, growers, neighbours, activists, students and mentors; to bring more love and comfort into others lives and live fully, yet with great humility. So with this blog we hope to open another, more in-depth platform to showcase and open a discussion on:

1) what we've learned

2) who taught us

3) how we're applying it

4) what changes we'd make

We hope to spread what knowledge we've learned, share what mistakes to avoid and show how you too can benefit from hemp!

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